Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The hardest part is the climb

   For the record, I have never been a fan of roller coasters. Ever! I'll admit, watching from the safety of the flat ground intrigued me and I thought it would be cool to be a roller coaster fanatic.
   Over the years, I've gathered the courage to ride a few. Once I got to the platform and it was my turn to go through the turnstile, my stomach was in knots. When I sat in the seat and they locked me into place with the seat belt, I wanted to hurl. Then, it began.
   The excruciatingly slow climb to the top. The sound of the cars as they clicked the enormous chain propelling the cars upward sent shivers down my spine. I never rode a roller coaster at free will. There was always someone in  my family or a friend who talked me into going. That peer pressure will get you every time!
   Once we got to the top, I would say my prayers and brace for ultimate death. I grasped the bar with all my might, closed my eyes, clenched my teeth and held my breath. The entire ride. The feeling of coming out of the seat when going over a big hill made my heart beat faster. When the ride was over, which usually seemed like hours, I would open my eyes and thank God I made it. The best part was stepping out of the car and back onto the ground. The humiliating part was walking by the stand where they had pictures of all the cars. WHAT? PICTURES? Mine were always quite comical and NO, I never purchased a single one!
   After leaving, there was always a part of me that was glad I took the plunge and rode the roller-coaster. Conquered a fear! Did something out of character for me. I was actually quite envious of those who had a love for roller coasters. Those who could ride them over and over without blinking an eye.
   I think life is a lot like riding a roller coaster. There are things we are often terrified to do. We get anxious, nervous and scared to death. However, once we've done what we were so afraid to do, it wasn't quite as bad as we thought.
   What's the "roller coaster" in your life?