Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Dress

   I've managed to keep one article of clothing from when I was a little girl. It's a "Sunday" dress my grandmother made for me when I was a third grader. I think I've held on to it for so long because it's a connection to her.
   Although the fabric is faded from the past 34 years, the stitching is still as strong as it was then. The red ribbon is still secured in a knot she tied and secured with a safety pin.  The dainty lace around the neck and arms has weathered time well. Every single stitch was sewn just for me. I'm sure it didn't take her long to make it, because she was quite the seamstress. It's the fact she took the time to do it just for me that means so much.
   One of my favorite things about this dress (other than the fact my grandmother made it for me) is how proud I was to wear it. My grandmother made me countless dresses throughout the years. I still remember standing in front of her sewing machine as she pinned the pattern, took measurements and allowed me to pick the ribbon. Sometimes, she took me with her and let me pick out the fabric. She always had a way of making me feel special.
   When I wore the dress, I felt pretty. I would spin around in the dress just to watch the skirt flare as I turned. It made an appearance during the school year a time or two. There was just something about this dress that made me want to wear it all the time.
   What have you held on to from your childhood that stirs good memories?