Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Remember When - May 6, 1989

   Twenty-five years ago today, I was a young girl madly in love with a boy who stole my heart. At the age of sixteen, I stood before God, my family and friends and married the love of my life, Jeff.
   When I think about May 6, 1989, I think of the first line in Alan Jackson's song, "Remember When". The words ring so true and sum up how I felt that Saturday afternoon.
    "Remember when I was young and so were you and time stood still and love was all we knew."
   At that very moment, I realized sixteen was too young to be married in most people's eyes. All that mattered to me was the love Jeff and I shared. I believed we could overcome any odds stacked against us because of our age. We were both scared, nervous and unsure of the future. Today, we celebrate twenty-five years of marriage.

   In that time, we have experienced times of immense joy, times of sorrow, times of want, times of plenty and times that have tried our commitment to one another. We've experienced the birth of two children who we love more than life itself.  We've experienced the ups and downs of raising our children. We've experienced the loss of loved ones. We've experienced changes - both anticipated and sudden. We've experienced for better or for worse. We've experienced life. Through it all, we've managed to make it work and are committed to not giving up on one another.
   I cannot imagine the past twenty-five years without Jeff. He has been my biggest supporter, encourager and is truly my best friend. He works hard to provide for our family and is a wonderful father to our children. He still takes my breath away and my love for him is unending.
   Today, as we begin a new chapter in our marriage, I am thankful for this amazing man I call my husband. Here's to the next twenty-five years, Jeff. I love you.
   This song is for you. <3  Remember When


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