Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And the Oscar goes to....

   Okay, so I have never been nominated for an Oscar. Although, I can be very dramatic if necessary. I'll save that for another post!
   One of the best bloggers I know and a sweet friend nominated my blog for the Liebster Award! Tara Sims and I have a big connection...we are both high school football loving girls! Plus, I am absolutely in love with her precious kids! If you have not had a chance to read her blog, stop what you are doing and read it now! mrscoachsims.blogspot.com  Thank you, Tara for nominating me! It made my heart happy to know my blog is inspiring to others!
   Keep reading for more about the award and my answers to Tara's questions!

   The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers, which makes it even more special! It makes me want to stay home from work and blog, blog, blog, blog, BLOG! Of course, that won't pay the bills, so I'll just keep on writing as I am inspired!
   The following is a list of rules for the award:

   1.  You much link back to the person who nominated you.
   2.  You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
   3.  You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award.
   4.  You must create 10 questions for your nominee.
   5.  You must go to their blogs and notify the nominees.

   Tara gave me the following ten questions:

1.  What inspires you?
     My biggest inspiration comes from my relationship with the Lord. I look into the mirror and often see a woman of many flaws. He looks at me and loves me without end....no matter what. I'm thankful for the gifts He's given me and it inspires me to use those gifts and do what I'm called to do!

2. What is your morning routine?
     My morning routine consists of watching FoxNews then switching over to The Golden Girls while I'm getting ready for work. Exciting! 

3.  What 5 people (dead or alive) would you invite to dinner?

     My grandmother, Edith. I miss her so much and have so many things to tell her one day!
     Jimmy Stewart - he's one of my most favorite actors!
     Vince Lombardi - he was quite the motivator and I'd love to hear him tell his story.
     Julia Roberts - she is my favorite actress and I admire her!
     Jimmy Fallon - comic genuis!

4.  What is your favorite social media?

     Facebook, although I spend way too much time on there! When you check it when you are at a red light, you might have a problem!

5.  How would you describe your blog in one sentence?

6. If you go to a coffee shop, what do you order?
     Coffee? I never drink....who am I kidding. I LOVE coffee! Let's see, most of the time I get an iced Americano with sugar free vanilla and a shot of creamer. In the fall, I drink pumpkin lattes by the barrel!

7. What is one thing on your Bucket List?
    Write and publish a book.

8. What books are you reading right now?
     Thirty-days to live. We read it in Sunday School and I've recently began reading it again. Very insightful and inspiring.

9.  What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
     During a very difficult time in our young married life, a very dear friend helped us get through that time. I've never forgot what she did and try to pay it forward because of her.

10.  Do you dread Mondays?
     It depends on the week. During football season, nope...Monday night football! ;)

   Here is a list of my favorite blogs and who I nominate!  Each one is special to me in it's own way. Some of the blogs have been around for quite a while, but if you are new to the blogging world, they are a must have on your list to read!


 Here are your ten questions!

1. Who is the most influential person in your life?
2. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. An all-expense paid trip is given to you, where do you go?
4. If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be?
5. What do you remember most about junior high?
6. What's your biggest pet peeve?
7. Who is your all time favorite teacher?
8. Would you ever consider moving to another country?
9. If you wrote a book about yourself, what would the title be?
10. What makes you happy?

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  1. Aww Ginger...you're so kind! Your blog is inspirational and the best part is that I know it all comes from your heart! I love your answers...especially #1 & #9.... Keep posting, girl!!! I can't wait to read them :)