Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A day in the life of my brain...

   I posted a comment on Facebook yesterday about learning to keep my thoughts to myself. I received quite a few comments, so I thought I would keep track of my thoughts today. I wanted to see if my thoughts were mostly negative, positive, bizarre, sad or happy. I'm happy to report I don't think I'm insane, however I thought about the Bee Gees several times today and didn't hear a single one of their songs. Not everyone is a serial killer and I need to brush up on my Spanish. Wait, I don't speak Spanish.

   1. While stopping at a convenience store to get coffee before work (it was 5:30 a.m.) - "I wonder if that guy getting gas is a serial killer. Who wears a jacket this time of morning when it's not cold? He probably has a gun...better make this quick."
   2. While paying for my coffee - "Did you seriously just grab the 'liquor store discount card' from your wallet instead of your debit card? This guy is going to think you are a boozer."
   3. While a few blocks from work where the police had someone pulled over and were searching their car, "Those lights are bright...I feel like listening to the Bee Gees."
   4. Checking my email, "Spam, spam and more spam. I really don't need a boost of testosterone, but thanks anyway."
   5. Looking outside at Main Street, "Why are there cats everywhere downtown and why do they always hang out around my car. Hummm....I could probably scare them with a rock, but would probably miss and shatter my windows."
   6. Later during the day, "Is all this noise while roofing a building really necessary?"
   7. A few minutes later, "IS all this noise really necessary? You're killin' me people!"
   8. A few minutes later, "I really wish I could speak Spanish because those guys are laughing so hard and I cannot understand a word they are saying. I wonder if they are talking about me? Nope...not me...I understood that word and I'm pretty sure it's a bad one."
   9. Hours later, "Why is the Internet sooooooooo slow? We put a man on the moon (or so they say), they grew a human ear on a mouse (whoever thought of that one is probably related the serial killer coat wearing guy pumping gas this morning), I've seen faster speeds at the nursing home relay races...hurry...hurry...what...dropped connection....are you kidding me?"
10. After leaving work and stopping for coffee (yeah, I have a problem), "Why is that hitchhiker walking towards me? Directions...sure, I can give you directions. That was easy...I wonder what was in his bag? Where is he walking? Where did he come from? I bet he likes the Bee Gees."

   Of course, I had several others that involved wanting to yank my hair out by the roots and some that may or may not have involved a bad word and I'll just leave it at that!

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