Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Keep calm, it's just a cup!

Social media erupted this past weekend when Starbucks unveiled their new cup design for the holiday season. Former evangelist Joshua Feuerstein was appalled the cup lacked the traditional snowflakes and ornaments and encouraged Christians everywhere to boycott the company.

Feuerstein claims Starbucks is waging a "War on Christmas" and is trying to take Christ out of Christmas. As a Christian, I find Feuerstein's outrage to be petty, misguided and ludicrous.

Last time I checked, Christmas is not about snowflakes or coffee. I find Donald Trump leading in polls as the Republican presidential candidate, the Dallas Cowboys' six game losing streak, and the gray hairs that show up in force each day to be much more disturbing than Starbucks decision to go sans snowflakes on their red cups.

Suppose Christians across the nation actually listened to Feuerstein and boycotted Starbucks, causing the company to lose money and close stores. What about all the employees making minimum wage who would lose their jobs? What would their view of Christians be then? Think about it…

As conservatives and Christians, we often rant and rave about how the "left" get so offended about every little thing. Isn't this the same? C'mon, people…it's a red cup. Christ is not a red coffee cup!

Christmas is about the birth of Christ, who was sent to this world to save people from their sin. He paid the ultimate price so one day, we could be saved of those sins and spend eternity in heaven. He didn't do it so we could spend eternity at Starbucks and I feel quite sure He loves the powers that be at Starbucks, snowflakes or not.

How about sharing our love for Him with everyone we know instead of spewing hate for a company who might not believe as we do. I don't inquire as to the religious or political preference of every single company before I do business with them, nor do I encourage others to boycott those whose beliefs differ from mine.

If you are truly upset about the Starbucks cup, then by all means, stop spending your money with them. But, before you criticize the company for taking the "Christ" out of Christmas, you might think of all the things that distract us all from the true meaning of the season.

Standing in line for hours, fighting crowds and spending massive amounts of money on Black Friday to buy the latest and greatest gifts for everyone on your shopping list, doesn't reflect the meaning of the season, but millions of Christians do it every single year.

Kind of pales in comparison to a snowflakeless cup, doesn't it?

We should pick our battles and this is one I think we should avoid. Waging a war during the season we celebrate the greatest gift we've ever been given is a bit hypocritical.

This Christmas season, choose to love. Choose kindness and choose to reach out to those who don't know Christ.

I think you'll find the blessings you receive will overflow all the red Starbucks cups in the world.

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