Sunday, March 16, 2014

80's Movies Life Lessons

     If you know anything about 80's movies, you know one thing; John Hughes was a genius. His films are still as relevant today as they were when first released. I have shared my love (i.e. obsession) of his classics with my daughter and she is hooked. Have I ever fantasized about being the star in a Hughes film? Absolutely! Hasn't everyone?  His cult classics taught me a lot about life, love and people.

 Lesson one - Driving for hours with your family doesn't always bring out the best in everyone, but that's where the greatest memories are made. Enjoy those trips and use the time to get to know one another better. When you get older, you will yearn to go back to those simple times.  (Vacation)
     Lesson two - Don't judge a book by it's cover. Some of the most fascinating people I know are people I would have never talked to in school. An athlete, brain, princess, criminal, and a basket case are labels based on people's perception of what someone "appears to be." Get to know people, step outside your comfort zone. You might just meet a friend for life. (The Breakfast Club)
     Lesson three - People get so wrapped up in what is going on in the moment, they often forget important things or people they love. Don't be too hard on them, life is hard enough. Lesson three - part 2…don't settle for less because you don't think you are good enough. You deserve the best. If you want something or someone…go for it! (Sixteen Candles)
     Lesson four - Girls can be mean and judgmental. Unfortunately, so can adults. Right side of the tracks…wrong side of the tracks…who decides which is which? We don't always determine where we come from, but we can all determine where we are going. Don't treat people badly because they come from the "wrong side of the tracks" because in this world, you never know when life will throw you a curve ball and send you to the "wrong side". Be kind. You will never go wrong if you do. (Pretty In Pink)
     Lesson five - Sometimes, you need to take a day to yourself. Do what makes you happy. Play hooky from work or school. Go fishing, go shopping, sleep all day, watch reruns of your favorite show, take a drive out of town, dance in the middle of the street for no reason whatsoever! BE YOU. ENJOY YOU! Whatever it is that makes you truly happy, do it! Life is too short to be miserable. (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)
     Now to plan what to do when I play hooky from work tomorrow……

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