Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Blessing Jar

   Years ago, I received a unique Christmas gift from a dear friend of mine. I still have the tag that came along with the gift, which reads: "You said one time you were a 'jar person'. Well, here's your jar! I want it to be your blessing jar. Each struggle overcome, each mountain climbed, each destination reached, write it down and place it in the jar!"
   The jar sits on a shelf with items I've collected over the years and each day I see it, I am reminded of the friend who gave it to me. Over the years, I've added strips of paper to the jar. Today, I decided to take the jar off the shelf and read the strips which have been placed inside.  It has been a while since I've screwed the metal lid off the beautiful glass jar. Although I have not added as many strips as I intended, the ones I have were great reminders of my blessings, where I have been and where I am going.

Some were difficult to write, others I wrote with joy. No matter the circumstance, each and every single one told the story of me and my life. Food to the soul.
   One of the strips was from my friend and in the jar the day she gave it to me. I've been in somewhat of a "emotional funk" lately and teared up as I read the words so meaningfully poured onto the  paper from her to me. The words, her handwriting and the pure love which went into what she said to me are priceless.  As I read each word, I began thinking how God works through others to show us how the world sees us.
   I don't always see myself as others do. Like most women, there are times I look at myself and don't appreciate who I am. Today, forty-one words on a strip of paper changed my whole outlook. A simple jar...overwhelming blessings.
   Today, I will add strips of paper to the blessing jar. I will add the good, the bad, the highs and the lows of this life I have been given by an amazing God. I will make sure to open it more often and hope to one day leave it behind for my children. It's not a gift of monetary value, but a gift all the money in the world could not buy.

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