Monday, November 17, 2014

Finding good role models and it's not the Kardashians!

   Most everyone on the planet has heard of the Kardashian clan. Love 'em or hate 'em...they are a household name.
   All I've been reading the past week is about Kim Kardashian was trying to "break the Internet" when pictures of her were posted on the Internet. Wow...nude celebrity pictures, there's a first.
   To be fair, I've watched "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" a few times. Mainly due to the fact I was curious as to what the buzz was all about with this family. My first impression was they like the f-word and are oftentimes crude in their behavior. To each his own, right? I began looking into how this family became so famous. From sex-tape videos to outlandish behavior, this family is famous because America has made them famous! Their reality show garners millions of viewers each week and there is something about "keeping up" with this family that has Americans wanting more.
   Personally, I don't care how they became famous, I don't care how they earn their money, I don't care about their marriages, divorces, careers, etc. I'm not going to launch a public lynching of Kim for her recent decision to post her pictures because I don't care. I've heard people up in arms about how she is not a role model to young girls. DUH! What person in their right mind would even suggest she is a role model to young girls? She's an entertainer. Pure and simple.
   Instead of throwing a fit she isn't a role model, how about suggesting more appropriate role models for our daughters? I, for one, know of several teachers I would love for my daughter to look up to. I know of several business women in the community who have worked hard to be successful. Women in my church and women in the community would also serve as perfect role models. They might not drive a Rolls Royce, have diamonds on every finger, or be the most beautiful person on the planet, but they exhibit what I want my daughter to emulate.
   We need to stop making young girls feel like outside beauty and "sex appeal" is what makes them valuable. Remember, those things are fleeting. Unless of course you have a world renowned plastic surgeon on speed dial for the rest of your life. We need to start encouraging young girls to do their very best at what makes them happy. From being a doctor to a stay-at-home mom....just be who you are and do what makes you happy! They will never find happiness trying to be like the Kardashians. They will never find their Prince Charming dressing like them or taking their clothes off for a photo shoot. They may find plenty of boys who only want them for sex, but they will never find the one man God put on this earth for them.
   I, as a mom of a teenager, choose NOT to allow her to watch the so-called reality show that is the Kardashians. I don't want her to think cussing like a sailor is classy, cool or appropriate. I don't want her thinking she will have a happy life by being a sex object to men. That's the first step I can take in being the kind of mom I hope she respects, admires and wants to be like one day. 

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