Saturday, November 22, 2014

The World Needs More You

For my birthday, one of my closest friends gave me this card with a very sweet letter on the back. I'm not going to lie...her letter made me tear up a bit. I was humbled by her words and my heart felt full.
   As I sat and looked at the front of the card, I began thinking about all the people in my community who the world could use more of. People who make a difference in others lives each and every day. People who do what they do because they have a heart for service. I truly believe every person has a gift to give the world. Can you imagine what would happen if we all decided to use those gifts we've been given?

   Here is my list of people who the world needs more of:

1. Trey and Lea Morgan - Their stronger marriage workshops are changing lives. I've read comments where people wanted to give up on their marriage until they attended one of Trey and Lea's sessions. I enjoy keeping up with what they are doing on Facebook and their advice has helped in my own marriage. Thanks to the both of you for showing others marriage does take work, but the benefits far outweigh the little "bumps" along the road.

2. Shelly Preston - This woman has a huge passion for her community. She does not like being in the "limelight" at all, but she is a worker! She (along with countless others) have dedicated themselves to saving our theater. It's a daunting task. I walked in the empty building one day and was overwhelmed at the work to be done, but her vision made me see it differently. Little by little....she's working and not giving up!

3. Marsha Meacham - I believe you have to have a calling to be the principal at a junior high school! It's a tough age. Elementary kids are cute and always loveable. High school kids are more mature and have a lot going on. Junior High is a group that is just in the middle, but Marsha loves each and every one of her kids like they are her own. She is supportive, encouraging and full of pride for her kids and staff. She's a true blessing in the lives of those kids!

4. Nancy Simpson - Words cannot express what an amazing woman, friend, mother and wife Nancy is. I'm blessed to call her my neighbor and friend. She is one of the most prayerful women I've ever known. I've stood in my front yard and listened to her pray for others. Families in need, individuals going through tough situations and everyone in between. She would do anything in the world for you and I've never heard her say a negative word about anyone.

   There are so many more people who the world needs more of! Who comes to your mind?

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